Make a calimero lamp for a child room with 100% glue

Become a designer and build a funny lamp for your children!


Material needed

  • 2 identical salad bowls (casa)
  • Small Iron angles
  • Nut, wring nut, screw
  • Electric system
  • Metallic platinum for the fixing of the socket


Step by step / how to do:

1. Drill the bottom of the salad bowls


2. Stick the platinum at the bottom

3. Prepare the iron angles on the salad bowls

4. Stick the iron angles at the designated place, maintain for 10 seconds

5. Put the electric system by introducing the wires through the hole and through the platinum

6. Screw the socket to the platinum with a bulb

7. Introduce a screw with a nut in the holes of the iron angles. Screw the wring nut and maintain the whole element “levitating”