About Pattex


Empower and inspire creators & doers in an all-encompassing way to unlock their full potential


Make our users feel empowered to trust their own abilities and skills, and thus, get ready to reach the next level, get inspired and tackle new ambitious projects with better results in the most efficient way.


  • Resourcefulness: We are moved by a deep understanding of our end-users’ needs and we support, inspire and guide them. Everything they might need along their journey is easily accessible (intuitive & plug + play interfaces - no barriers to access or time constraints) and „at their fingertips“– no matter which skill-level they have or what they need. And if we don’t have a solution yet, we’ll find one.
  • Doer Mentality: We are convinced that a doer-mentality can unleash unexpected powers & possibilities and that’s why we support & encourage doers.