Super Glue Plastics

Features and Benefits

The plastics specialist. Bonds all kinds of plastics, even polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). The liquid formula comes in a two-part kit with a pen and tube for extra-strong bonding.


Main product benefits:

  • Especially for plastics
  • Even bond PE and PP
  • Solvent-Free



  • 4ml/2g


Application areas:

  • Plastic: PVC-hart, ABS, Polyethylen, Polypropylen, Plexiglas® etc.)
  • Metall
  • Rubber
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic



To keep your Pattex Superglue Plastic fresh for longer, simply store in a cool and dry environment. We recommend a box in the fridge.

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Product Features

Tips & Tricks:

Best Practices

  1. Pattex Superglue Plastic is most suitable for indoor use. Always make sure surfaces are free of dust or moisture.
  2. Pattex Superglue Plastic is not suitable for polystyrene foams or for objects, which will hold hot liquids.


Roll it off

  1. If you get Pattex Superglue Plastic on your fingers, it’s as easy to get off as it is to put on.
  2. You can choose two methods. Either put your fingers in a warm dish of water or rub cooking oil into the bonded skin.
  3. Then, gently massage bonded fingers back and forth to slowly peel bond apart. Don’t pull or yank fingers apart.


Tips for Use

  1. The activator can have different reactions to different surfaces. It’s always best to test first on a hidden part or area.
  2. Leave at least 60 seconds for the activator to dry before applying the superglue. Otherwise, the superglue can harden on the surface before the joint is assembled.
  3. Remember to apply the activator to both parts or surfaces.
  4. Bond immediately once applying the superglue (tube) to one of the parts, as no waiting time is needed.
  5. For routine repairs, you normally only need to use the superglue.
  6. For best results, apply the bonds at room temperature (15-30°C).


1. Make sure all surfaces and objects are clean, dry and close fitting. Avoid touching the surfaces before bonding – fingerprints can weaken the bond.

2. Apply one or two coatings with the activator pen to both surfaces or parts. Apply generously to cover the whole area that has to be bonded. Close cap tightly after use.

3. Leave surface to dry and react for 1 to 2 minutes.

4. Apply glue in tube to one side only – approx. one drop per square centimetre. Do not spread.

5. Press the parts together firmly for about 30 seconds to fix. Light handling strength after a few minutes. For full bonding strength, leave 8 hours.

6. For best results, apply glue at room temperature (15-30°C).