Key Facts

Product introduction / description:

An all in one, paintable, flexible, mildew resistant (anti-fungal) acrylic sealant formulated for sealing gaps and joints where slight movement or vibration causes conventional, non-elastic fillers and putties to crack and fall out. It has good adhesion to most porous surfaces without primer. It is environmentally friendly and cleaned up easily with water.

Product Features

Application Areas:

General Glazing: Wood, concrete, marble, glass plastic.
DIY Applications: Gutters, joints around door and windows, skylights, air conditioning systems.
Energy saving Applications: Seal air draft around air conditioner.


  • 240g


Store in a dry cool place with a temperature below +30 ÂșC. Use within 12 months from date of production.

Step by step

1. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or water.

2. Squeeze the tube and push filler firmly into the crack / hole and smooth off the surface with a spatula/scraper.

3. Since this filler is virtually non-shrinking, no excessive overfilling is required.

4. Allow 2-3 hours to set in 2mm applications. Allow for longer drying times for thicker applications and cooler weather.

5.Once completely cured, it can be sanded to a feathered edge.