Key Facts

Product introduction / description:

A liquid formula superglue for precise dosage of single drops. Can be applied to tiny areas and parts. Solvent-free and easy-to-use for a strong bond – whether in an emergency or for daily use.

Product Features

Product main benefits:

  1. Stand single tube with metering through
  2. Dropwise dosing
  3. Flows into the smallest of cracks
  4. Solvent-Free

Application areas:

  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Leather
  • Plastic

Tips and tricks:

Alternative Dosage

For gluing tiny parts when full control of dosage is needed we recommend using our Liquid Control bottle which allows pinpoint application. For a precise application we also offer Superglue Liquid with a brush. If everything would be that easy!

Best Practices

  1. Pattex Superglue Liquid is most suitable for indoor use. Always make sure surfaces are free of dust or moisture.
  2. To bond PP, PE, PTFE or silicone rubber, we recommend using Pattex Superglue Plastics.
  3. To bond glass surfaces, glazing or foams, we recommend using Pattex Superglue Glass.
  4. Pattex Superglue Liquid is not suitable for Styrofoam or for objects, which will hold hot liquids.

Roll it off

  1. If you get Pattex Superglue Gel on your fingers, don’t worry. It’s easy to get off if you follow these instructions.
  2. You can choose two methods. Either put your fingers in a warm dish of water or rub cooking oil into the bonded skin.
  3. Then, gently massage bonded fingers back and forth to slowly peel bond apart. Don’t pull or yank fingers apart.


  • 3g
  • 10g


To keep your Pattex Superglue Liquid fresh for longer, simply store in a cool and dry environment. We recommend a box in the fridge.

Also discover:

  • Pattex Mini trio, flowing into the smallest cracks
  • Pattex Brush, for an easy application without leaks
  • Pattex Control, for vertical or overhead surfaces

Step by step

1. Make sure all surfaces are clean and dry and close fitting.


2. Only apply a small drop of Pattex Superglue Liquid to one of the surfaces.

3. Press parts together immediately and briefly apply pressure.

4. Leave for at least an hour before using.

5. For best results, apply glue at room temperature (15-30°C).